Standing Officers

Texas Metro Protection can provide you with as many on-site officers as necessary to enforce your property rules, deter would be criminals and protect your assets. Our officers undergo advanced field education and are taught how to properly enforce state law, providing the client with more than just a squared away uniform. All officers are required to carry the same basic equipment, providing you with the same professional service every time an officer sets foot on your property.

Every standing post receives a custom set of post orders outlining the officers responsibilities, clients concerns and emergency procedures. In addition, officers are required to complete daily reports documenting abnormal activity while patrolling your property. These reports can be a useful tool for property management. Quite often officers fail to report trespassers, domestic disturbances, public drinking and vandalism due to the lack of post orders, officer knowledge and client expectations. From an employee escort to providing a security detail for a multi-million facility, we will help keep you protected.

We offer an in-house training program that teaches our officers about topics like basic first aid, state laws, self defense, verbal judo, situational awareness, illegal drug use, drug paraphernalia, domestic violence, gang identification and dealing with hostile individuals.


We are equipped to protect a variety of clients including:

Commercial Security Residential Security
Corporate Campuses & Office Buildings Gated Neighborhoods & HOA Communities
Hotels, Motels & Luxury Resorts Multi-Family & Condo Developments
Retail Stores, Shopping Centers & Malls Retirement Communities & Private Estates
Automotive & Recreational Vehicle Dealers  
Health Clubs & Sports Complexes Education & Places of Worship
Nightclubs, Bingo Halls & Casinos Day Cares, Schools, Colleges & Universities
Construction & Demolition Sites Churches, Temples & Synagogues
Industrial Security Recreational & Event Security
Automotive Plants & Manufacturing Facilities Private Events, Marathons & Festivals
Warehouses, Distribution & Freight Facilities Music Venues, Movie Premieres & Movie Sets
  Weddings, Birthdays & Corporate Parties
Critical Infrastructure Private Clubs, Private Parks & Private Land
Communications, Energy & Oil Facilities  
Banks & Financial Institutions Emergency Services
Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities Fire Watch & Emergency Security
Air, Rail, Ground & Sea Transportation Hubs Temporary Assignments
Government Facilities & Federal Contracts Disaster Response