Mobile Patrol Unit

Our mobile patrol unit consists of both marked and unmarked law enforcement grade patrol vehicles. Our marked units have visible decals displaying the name of our company and the words patrol in plain view. In addition, patrol units are equipped with green colored LED lightbars reducing any liability of being misidentified as law enforcement. All patrol units are equipped with laptop computers, gps trackers, digital cameras, and basic first aid kits. In addition all of our patrol officers wear body cameras to reduce any additional liability. Our patrol units will establish their presence, deter criminal activity, provide emergency response, and report any abnormal conditions found while on your property.

Unlike most companies offering patrol services, our patrol officers walk your property checking the leasing office, maintenance shop, swimming pool, parking lot, and other recreational areas while looking for any suspicious activity, disturbances, or criminal intent. Our patrol units can also respond to burglar alarms, protecting you from unnecessary fines and unwanted police response.

Our custom built digital reporting system provides officers and dispatchers with real time information about your property over a secure electronic connection making communication easier in the field. Officers have the ability to view current incidents, make entries into reports, issue criminal trespass warnings, attach images to reports, and search or view previous report entries about any property serviced. All reports are electronically stored on our secure servers and are viewable by an automated link provided in your e-mail. Forget about pointless, hard to understand hand written reports, our system will generate an easy to read report providing you with much needed information about your property.


We are equipped to protect a variety of clients including:

Commercial Security Residential Security
Corporate Campuses & Office Buildings Gated Neighborhoods & HOA Communities
Hotels, Motels & Luxury Resorts Multi-Family & Condo Developments
Retail Stores, Shopping Centers & Malls Retirement Communities & Private Estates
Automotive & Recreational Vehicle Dealers  
Health Clubs & Sports Complexes Education & Places of Worship
Nightclubs, Bingo Halls & Casinos Day Cares, Schools, Colleges & Universities
Construction & Demolition Sites Churches, Temples & Synagogues
Industrial Security Recreational & Event Security
Automotive Plants & Manufacturing Facilities Private Events, Marathons & Festivals
Warehouses, Distribution & Freight Facilities Music Venues, Movie Premieres & Movie Sets
  Weddings, Birthdays & Corporate Parties
Critical Infrastructure Private Clubs, Private Parks & Private Land
Communications, Energy & Oil Facilities  
Banks & Financial Institutions Emergency Services
Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities Fire Watch & Emergency Security
Air, Rail, Ground & Sea Transportation Hubs Temporary Assignments
Government Facilities & Federal Contracts Disaster Response