Commercial building security remains to be one of the largest markets. Officers can assist in the screening of guests, maintaining internal security procedures, providing proving emergency evacuation assistance and ensuring the perimeter remains secure during closed hours.


Customers are the most important asset for any retail store. They are the resource upon which the success of the business depends. In todays tough economy ensuring the security of your products has never been a more difficult task.

Most attempts at a proactive loss prevention program fail due to a lack of persistence and having an intimate knowledge of actual criminal behavior. Together can provide a proactive approach to your loss prevention needs by calculating and assessing your business risks while providing insight on how business operations can be more secure.


Recent studies show that over the next two years, commercial and residential construction are expected to be on the rise. The commercial sector is being led by the hotel and retail category with demand for institutional projects increasing at a more moderate level.

Providing security services at your commercial job site will reduce the possibility of vandalism, job site theft and protests reducing your overhead costs in material and labor. We have multiple options for overnight protection of your job site at a reasonable price that will fit your budget.


The continuous movement of goods is critical for the economy. Our customized logistics solutions are designed to expose security breaches and reduce internal theft. Together we can work with your loss prevention team to identify threats to your facility.


Creating an environment where residents and guests feel safe is our highest priority. Although each property is different, our highly trained officers can provide solutions to the everyday challenges faced when operating a residential multi-family complex. All of our services are customized to help meet and exceed beyond your goals yet fit within your budget.


Its amazing how much technology has evolved since the first commercial microprocessor was introduced by Intel in 1971. Cellular devices use to be the size of briefcases and the Apple II became the first successful mass-produced microcomputer.

Today the technology industry is growing at an extreme rate with no signs of slowing down. These companies desire seamless integration for controlling access, protecting intellectual property, reducing internal theft, and safeguarding people and assets.

Critical Infrastructure

When it comes to managing the backbone of America, safety, security and compliance are the three most important goals. By evaluating site needs we can identify potential security risks, external threats, natural disasters and safety compliance. Addressing these concerns together will ensure the smooth operation during an uneventful period.

Emergency Services

Life is full of unexpected events, don't get caught with no where to turn during an emergency. Our qualified staff can assist you in securing your property after a structure fire, vandalism, major flood or natural catastrophe.

Our growing reputation and client satisfaction speaks for itself. We focus on your needs while addressing community concerns.