Employment Opportunities


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+What you need to know about the job:
  • The work is physically demanding. You will walk frequently, stand for long periods, be exposed to extreme temperatures and various weather conditions.
  • You will be required to display excellent customer service by providing clients and their clientele with accurate information regarding any events while on duty.
  • You will be expected to remain silent about any privileged or confidential information received from clients, clientele or our company.
  • You must be willing to attend ongoing training as required to maintain your license from the private security bureau.
  • If you commit a crime you will no longer be eligible for employment.
+What are our expectations:
  • We expect all employees to show up to work 10 minutes early so they may accurately receive the daily pass down from another officer.
  • We expect all employees to show up to work in complete uniform ready for their shift. In addition we do not tolerate employees that dress down while on duty. Employees should be well groomed, free of excessive jewelry and hair maintained.
  • We expect all employees to remain courteous, alert and firm in their decisions. Not every person in violation is knowledgable of company policies, community rules or state laws. Through education we can correct most violators without the involvement of management or law enforcement.
+What are the minimum requirements and how you can apply:

Qualified applicants should be able to meet the following requirements before applying.

  • Be 18+ years old to work as a private security officer.
    Patrol positions require an individual to be 25+ years old for insurance purposes.
  • Pass a pre-employment drug screen and all random drug screenings.
  • Be physically fit and capable of performing the tasks required of the position.
  • Have the ability to obtain necessary work related equipment.
  • Have no disqualifying criminal history that would keep you from obtaining a private security license from the State of Texas. View Disqualifiers

Military reservists, veterans and retired law enforcement are encouraged to apply.
Any ex-military must be discharged under honorable or satisfactory conditions.

How To Fill Out The Online Application
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